Camilla Marinoni


Camilla Marinoni is an Italian artist born in 1979 in Bergamo, Italy. She studied art at the Academy of fine Art of Brera, Milan graduating in 2003 with a BA in Sculpture, and in 2007 with a MFA in Sacred Art. Her work explores contemporary issues of female identity, loss and spirituality but her artistic expression is not constrained by one particular medium. From painting to sculpture, video installations and performance art, the transition feels natural and fluid but never conventional.


"At the heart of my work, there is an intimate and personal tale about the social and spiritual aspects of daily life and which, inevitably, turn into experience. All are filtered and re-elaborated trough my body. Death, memory, pain, care and female world are frequent topics that emerge and that attempt to be a stimulus, a starting point for a reflection on the meaning of our existence" - Camilla Marinoni.


The artist lives and works in Bergamo.